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Applications must include the follow information. Applications are typically one to two pages long.

1) The date of request.

2) The date funds are needed.

3) The amount requested.

4) The total cost of the program or project.

5) A brief description of how the money will be used, including how the request supports the curriculum

    and how many students and which grades will be impacted. Please be concise – a few sentences will be          acceptable if adequate to explain the request. The description should not be more than one page.

6) A plan for future funding, if applicable.

7) The dollar amount and the percentage of the total cost contributed by the District.

8) Others being asked to fund this program/project and the amount of the request to each.


9) The amount and sources of other funds already received for this program/project.

10) Proposed alternatives if Foundation funding is not provided.

11) Provide detailed budget.

      Note:   Remember to allow enough time for your principal/administrator to review your grant and                                   submit to the Superintendent for review as outlined in the When to Apply? section on the                                   Grant Guidelines page.

In addition to providing a written request, applicants are welcome to present a reviewed request in person

at a Foundation Board of Directors meeting. Arrangements to attend should be made by emailing the Foundation at


If you have any questions about the application process, you may also email the Foundation.



Revised 12/30/18

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