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Through gifts to the Corvallis Schools Foundation our community provides resources to enrich and enhance the educational opportunities and experiences of Corvallis students.  



Who can apply?

The Corvallis Schools Foundation will consider grant requests from Corvallis School District instructional staff and administrators.

What grant requests are eligible?

Funding Requests must be consistent with the purpose of the Corvallis Schools Foundation. Foundation funds are intended to supplement, not supplant School District funds. The Foundation will consider eligible requests within the limits imposed by the availability of funds. For continuing programs or projects, the District must have a long-range plan to fund future costs. Awards are typically in the funding range of $200 to $3,000.  The Foundation is open to considering a broad variety of funding requests. A list of previously funded grant applications can be found on the Past Recipient’s page.

When to apply?

The Corvallis Schools Foundation (CSF) has a submission and review process for grant applications. Please begin your grant application process to allow enough time for your administrator/principal and District Superintendent to review and submit your application on or before the grant submission date.


Below are grant submission deadlines for the 2022/2023 school year:


  • September 21, 2022

  • November 23, 2022

  • February 8, 2023

  • April 5, 2023




Please follow these instructions carefully to submit your application to the Corvallis Schools Foundation (CSF) for consideration.  You will need the following items to complete this process:



  1. Download and complete the Corvallis Schools Foundation Classroom Grant Application Form on your computer or device.


Note: Please convert your grant submission to a PDF format when it is completed.  If submitted using Google docs, often the document needs to be unlocked by school administrators for the Foundation to open and review.


  1. Submit the completed application to the appropriate building principal or administrator.

  2. The principal/administrator reviews the application to determine whether it is consistent with Corvallis School District policies and program needs.  If the principal/administrator determines the grant is eligible, they submit the request to the District Superintendent.

  3. The Superintendent reviews all grant requests and submits eligible grant applications to the Foundation by email (

  4. ​The CSF emails the person submitting the grant and their administrator/principal to confirm receipt of classroom grant application.

  5. ​Grants submitted to the CSF by the Superintendent are then reviewed at a Corvallis Schools Foundation meeting. The CSF will email the requestor with results within one week after the meeting.


Note: If you would like to present your request in person to the CSF Board in addition to the written application, please email the Foundation at to make arrangements.  


Note: If your classroom grant is approved and you are purchasing goods or services with your grant funding, please consider buying locally when possible.   If purchasing goods from Amazon, please use AmazonSmile and select the Corvallis Schools Foundation as your non-profit to support.


Thank you for submitting your application to the Corvallis Schools Foundation!


Corvallis Schools Foundation Classroom Grant Application Form

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