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Music Curriculum iPads
Life Sports Archery Equipment
Physics Dynamic Carts and Tracks
ELS 6 Persuasion Projects
CMS Track/XC Leaderboard
Purposeful Play
Timeless Shakespeare Class
Flexible Seating & Reading Corner
Robust Classroom Library 3rd

Kindergarten Classroom Headphones and Stylus Pens 
4th grade Hands on Science & Coding
4th grade Headphones
Corvallis Green House Garden
LABSTER VL Science Virtual Learning Labs
HS Science Olympiad Supplies
PS Concert Sound Equipment Rental
Wireless Mics for Choir
Yellowstone Ecology Scholarship

7th Grade Montana-Wyoming Trip Scholarships
Middle School Drama Club Portable Dividers
Primary Remote Student Headphones

Primary String Instruments - Ukuleles
National Board Teacher Certification 
2019 National Speech Competition
Classroom without Walls Program
High School STEM Sensor Project

Primary Artists in Residence Project
High School STEM Sensor Project

Corvallis After School Program

Middle School Art Kiln

First Grade Swim Lessons

PAWS Middle School STEAM Project

Primary Hands on Science Program

SPED Coffee Cart
Tenor Saxophone Band Program
STEAM Equipment Project
National Speech Tournament
Social-Emotional Learning kit
Active Seating for 22 classrooms
Handheld & wireless microphones -Performing Arts
Field Trip Scholarship Fund
Backpacking Program
SPED Technology tablets
Gazebo Seating Project
F1 Competition
National Science Olympiad
Overnight History Trip to Helena - Scholarship
Tablet technology for Daily 4 program
Pilot study - active seating stability balls
Ecological Project Trip to Yellowstone
Musical Production
Music Stands
National Speech Tournament
Blue School Bicycles
Orchestra Uniforms
Science Olympiad to Nationals
Robotics Program
Classroom without walls program


Glaze Chemistry
Daily 5 Implementation
PS Memorial Mural
Breakout EDU Kits
Life Sports Fishing Equipment
MS Ski Program
Montana Writers Collaborative
Journalism Livestream Equipment
Flexible Seating for ELA 6

Cooking in the Early Readiness Program
1st grade student headphones
Primary Daily 5 Reading Books
Flexible Seating for Primary classrooms
Leonardi Lending Library
Flexible Sating & Books
Journalism/Creative Media Livestream Equipment
Virginia Vinal Jazz Festival

Science Triple Beam Balances

Kindergarten Student Headphones

Classroom Without Walls Summer Backpacking Trip

6th Grade Advocacy Journalism 

Food/Snacks for Independent HS Program

4th Grade 3-D printer

K-12 Native American Speaker

Middle School Science Olympiad Program

Classroom Without Walls Program
National Speech National Competition 

8th Grade ELA Kindle and Audio Books

Primary standing desks and active learning stools

F1 Team National Competition

2018 National Speech Competition

Science Olympiad Program

High School Speech

Strings Program Tuxedos

Science Program Software/Forestry

Speech / Debate Program
Gifted and talented Program
Music Program
School Strings Program Music and equipment
Technology Calculators
School Strings Program Music and equipment
Robotics Program Travel & expenses
School Strings Program Music and equipment
Classroom without walls program
Robotics Program Travel & expenses
School Strings Program Music and equipment
Robotics Program Travel & expenses
School Strings Program Music and equipment
String Instrument Violin
30 chairs
Art room tiling
Strength Training Equipment
Problem Solvers Trip
Life Skills Facility
Sound System

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