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Impact on the Corvallis Public Schools


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* The CSF was also the recipient of a generous gift in 1999 for the construction of a Special Education Life Skills room.

What we are hearing...

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The Corvallis Schools Foundation is a community partner that helps make our schools the best places to work and learn. They fund various innovative projects and their impact on education is substantial. The learning environment, whether inside or outside, is enhanced for both students and staff. When there is this much impact, we know that student interest and achievement increases. The foundation lives out its core purpose in all their actions:  “Inspire, Innovate, and Invest in Opportunities for all Corvallis Students.”

Jon Konen, Superintendent of CSD #1

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As a parent, I learned the Corvallis Schools Foundation funds programs including the purchase of blue bikes to enhance the "classrooms without walls" project, tablets to help with reading and communication, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) labs and so many other opportunities that strengthen the curriculum already offered by Corvallis schools.  Both of our children have benefited from the work the Foundation does to support the school district.

Colleen Dahlstrom, Parent

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“The Corvallis Schools Foundation provides a vital role in providing resources to enhance innovative programs that support Corvallis Schools Staff and the success of all students in Corvallis School District. Through partnerships, grants, fundraising efforts and public awareness Corvallis Schools Foundation is making a difference.”

Harlene Marks, Corvallis Schools Foundation Board Member