2019-2020 Initiative


Why Musical Instruments?

The Corvallis Schools Foundation has selected K-12 Musical Instruments as its 2019/2020 special project. 

The Corvallis School District music education program begins in the primary school.  Band, choir, and string orchestra programs are offered to students in the middle and high schools.  The string orchestra program is the only music program of its kind offered in the Bitterroot valley.

These programs began decades ago and require new instruments that are typically not budgeted in the annual school budget.  



This project will provide quality musical instruments for music classes from Kindergarten to High School. 

  • New and additional quality instruments will ensure that students can continue to participate in an affordable instrument rental program.

  • General needs by School and Program

    • Primary school: New percussion instruments and Xylophone

    • Middle and High School Band: New brass, woodwind instruments, and accessories, as well as additional instruments for affordable rental program.

    • Choir & Jazz Band: piano electronics repair

    • Middle and High School Orchestra:  New string instruments, and accessories, as well as additional instruments for affordable rental program.

  • Accepting donations of quality musical instruments that you are no longer using. Check out our needs list.


You Can Help

Our goal is to raise a minimum of $25,000 this school year, with a total project goal of $48,000.


You can help ensure this opportunity for all Corvallis Students by donating to the K-12 Musical Instrument Project. Let the music begin!

Donate today! 


Do you have a quality musical instrument that you are no longer using?


Please consider donating your instrument to the Corvallis Schools 

Foundation. Email instrument information to the Foundation at 

csfmontana.mt@gmail.com. Check out our needs list below.

*** Scroll for complete list

2018-2019 Initiative

MIDDLE SCHOOL MICROSCOPES – Project Complete March '19

Why Microscopes?

This was the first Special Project selected by the Corvallis Schools Foundation.

Corvallis Middle School educates more than 450 students in grades 5-8. However, the expense of providing good quality microscopes for a growing number of students is not one that can be easily absorbed by the regular school budget.  Through its Microscope Project, the Corvallis Schools Foundation is committed to meeting this need and ensuring that Corvallis Middle School students can experience the scientific process directly and meaningfully in their science classrooms.



Each science classroom will have microscopes to accommodate class sizes of 25-30 with no more than 2 to 3 students sharing a single microscope. With this equipment, science teachers will be able to plan lessons that involve students making direct observations.  Students will experience science as it takes place in the real world and their understanding of both scientific facts and the process will be enhanced.

  • Each grade 5-8 with a digital microscope, capable of transmitting images to tablets, computers or SMART boards for whole class instruction.  

  • A set of fifteen 1000x microscopes to be shared by grades 7 and 8.  

  • Seven 400x microscopes to be combined with existing older microscopes and shared by grades 5 and 6.  


You Helped Us Reach Our Goal

Our goal of $13,000 for purchase of new Middle School Microscopes was reached in March, 2019. The new microscopes are in use in science classes grades 5-8.






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