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2020/2021 Special Project


The Corvallis Schools Foundation has selected Outdoor Science Education classes as its 2020-2021 special project.


What is Outdoor Science Education?

Corvallis Schools have pioneered outdoor science education since the mid-1990’s.  Students engage in authentic research, learning about the ecology of the place where they live.  As they monitor streams, gauge post-fire recovery, or track the distribution of wildlife, they learn real-world scientific techniques and processes.  Some classes involve multi-day outdoor excursions that require teamwork and teach outdoor survival skills.


Outdoor field studies are intrinsic to several high school science classes.

  • Classroom Without Walls (CWW)

  • Ecology

  • Fisheries

  • Biology


High school outdoor science equipment will also be shared with middle school classes that have an outdoor component.


Why is CSF raising funds for Outdoor Science Education?


Field studies require special equipment and gear. In the 25 years since the first Classroom Without Walls class was launched, some scientific equipment and outdoor gear has become worn or out-of-date.  With the expansion of field studies into additional science classes, there is the need for additional equipment and testing kits to serve more students.  This is where this special project comes in – to ensure that students continue to have the equipment to learn and do real science.


High School Principal Cammie Knapp explains further:


“Our Science educators work hard to deliver engaging outdoor education experiences for our students. These experiences include hiking into the wilderness and conducting real-life applicable studies, including wolverine, stream, and fish studies. By increasing our funding to provide materials and resources, our students will be able to have the ability to have the appropriate equipment to complete more extensive research while teaming with local outdoor organizations. Our goal is to purchase equipment that will not only benefit our high school students, but can be shared with middle school students for an increased awareness of the courses offered in the high school. This grant will allow for our science courses to purchase items that are outside of the regular school budget.”



What the Funds will help Purchase

This project will provide funds for a variety of needed new and replacement equipment.


  • Testing equipment for outdoor science lessons - soil testing kits, water chemistry meters, snow science kits, tree bore, etc.

  • Gear for lessons - waders, snowshoes, hand/feet warmers, etc.

  • Gear for overnight trips - sleeping bags, backpacks, tents, headlamps, dry bags, first aid kits, hydration bags, bear spray, etc.

  • And more.



You Can Help Us Reach Our Goal

Our goal is to raise $28,000.  You can help us reach this goal by donating to the Outdoor Science Education Project.   Donate today! 

Special Project Picture for Outdoor Educ
2019-2020 Special Project

K-12 MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS – Completed September 2020

With your help we raised an amazing $47,500 to purchase quality musical instruments for Corvallis music programs from Kindergarten through high school.  You helped complete the project in just over one year.

This project has helped the school district meet the needs of a growing enrollment and increased interest in participating in music programs.  Corvallis music education begins in the primary school and band, choir, and string orchestra programs are offered to students in the middle and high schools.  The string orchestra program is the only music program of its kind in the Bitterroot Valley.

This project provided:


  • New percussion instruments and xylophone for Primary School music classes.

  • New brass and woodwind instruments and accessories for Middle School and High School Bands.

  • New string instruments and accessories for Middle and High School Orchestras.

  • Replacement and additional instruments for the band and orchestra low-cost rental program to ensure that all students can afford an instrument for home practice.

  • A new electronic keyboard for use by choirs and jazz band.

Learn more about this Special Project: Corvallis School District Press Release September 2020 and Corvallis Schools Foundation funds Musical Instrument Program

None of this would have been possible without your support and generosity.  


Thank you!

Performing arts 3.jpg
2018-2019 Special Project


With your help we raised $13,000 to purchase microscopes for the Middle School.  The new microscopes are in use by 450 students in science classes in grades 5-8.

This project has provided each science classroom with enough high-quality microscopes for 25-30 students to use with no more than 2 to 3 students sharing a single microscope.  With this equipment, science teachers can plan lessons that involve students making direct observations.  Students experience science as it takes place in the real world enhancing their understanding of both scientific facts and the scientific process.

Each grade level is now equipped with a digital microscope, capable of transmitting images to tablets, computers, or SMART boards for whole class instruction.

A set of fifteen 1000x microscopes is in use by grades 7 and 8.
Seven 400x microscopes are combined with existing microscopes and used by grades 5 and 6.

Learn more about this Special Project: Corvallis Middle School receives new microscopes thanks to community donations

Thank you!